About the Course Builders Hub

The Course Builders Hub mission is to bring you the very best strategies, tips and techniques to help you quickly create your own profitable online course.

In the Hub you’ll meet course builders at every stage of the journey and they’ll share their ideas, their challenges, their inspiring stories and their practical tips into what’s worked for them and what’s working right now to build launch and grow an online course.

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The online world is full of “experts” telling you their particular approach is the only way to succeed and they’re the only one you should be listening to. We do things a little differently.

Our experience is that there are many different ways to succeed with online courses. And the stories and insights from our interviews and members prove that again and again.

The key is to find a way that works for you.

Something that resonates with your way of working and clicks with your audience.

Something you’ll find do-able. That you’ll enjoy. That will get you “in flow”.

You won’t get that from one single “professional guru”. You’ll get it from a mix of experts and practitioners sharing their experiences, their highs and lows and their real-world tips.

Every week we release a free 20-40 minute interview with a successful course builder or course building expert specifically selected to give you new insights and ideas to help you on your journey.

Each interview is posted on Friday evening (UK time) and is available to watch completely free for a week, until the next episode is posted.

How We Started

The Course Builders Hub was started by Ian Brodie – that’s me over on the right.

I’ve been creating and selling my own online courses for over a decade in the area of marketing for consultants, coaches and trainers.

When the pandemic started in 2020 I started getting more and more people asking for my advice on creating their own courses and switching over their businesses to be less reliant on face-to-face work just like I had.

So I created an in-depth free guide and a comprehensive training course on building online courses.

Ian Brodie

These got great feedback and many people told me they’d been a lifeline during the pandemic. So I planned to start promoting the course more widely.

But the more I researched, the more I spoke to people looking to build courses, and the more I reflected on my own experiences, the more I realised that a one-off course wasn’t the best answer for most people.

Like almost everything in life, there are timeless principles which apply almost universally and can set you on the right path. But the specific strategies and tactics can vary hugely.

For the vast majority of us it’s much better to be exposed to a wide variety of ideas and to pick the ones that work best for our unique situations rather than ploughing down a “one size fits all” furrow that might not work for us.

And it’s vital to get feedback and support from people with all kinds of experience rather than one “all knowing guru”.

So rather than focusing on teaching one particular approach to building courses, I decided to start building a resource with a wide variety of real-world experiences and practical tips. Along with a community of bright, motivated course builders from around the world sharing your journey and supporting and inspiring you as you progress to success.

The Course Builders Hub is for smart, motivated course builders who want to learn from and be inspired by the best. But who also want to contribute and give back to the community too and to help others on their journey.

If that sounds like you, you might want to join us.

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