Expert Insight: Antoinette Oglethorpe – Building Effective and Engaging Courses

Antoinette Oglethorpe

Antoinette Oglethorpe is a Learning and Development Expert who’s known for how effective and engaging her training courses are: both live and online.

In this interview e discuss how to make sure that your course buyers actually learn from your course, that they get results from it, and that those results are sustainable.

We cover:

  • Why the secret of getting results from courses isn’t giving information, it’s getting behaviour change.
  • BJ Fogg’s “tiny habits” approach applied to online courses.
  • Why you should start “inside out” with what your course participants already know, rather than starting by teaching.
  • The importance of icebreakers online – even if you hate them!
  • The extra steps you need to take to warm up online course participants who don’t know each other vs in-house or live courses.
  • Why you must get your participants reflecting and interacting right from the start – even just on something small.
  • Understanding “multiple intelligences” to optimise learning for everyone.
  • Why you need to include real-word actions and activities, not just theoretical exercises.
  • How to turn participants learning into behaviour change through easy-to-do next steps after the course.

You can find out more about Antoinette and her courses here: