Case Study: Johnny Beirne – Engaging Online Presentations

Johnny shows subject-matter experts who run webinars how to double their conversions by using more engaging presentation techniques. And he helps course-builders to create more engaging courses in less time with less fuss and tricky editing.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Johnny structures his online courses to enable his clients to get the outcomes they want without overwhelming them with details.
  • Why it’s important to “do things that don’t scale” on your pilot to ensure you get useful feedback to improve the course.
  • Why creating pattern interrupts in your presentation is vital to keep the interest and attention of your audience – and how to do it.
  • How TikTok and TV shows have changed the expectations of our audiences – and what we need to do to address those changes.
  • The simple piece of equipment that makes a huge difference to how professional your presentations look.
  • Why Johnny uses a simple lead magnet and follow-up, followed by a webinar in his course sales funnel.
  • The two key reasons you must charge for your pilot.
  • How the techniques Johnny uses for live online presentations also help with pre-recorded videos for courses.

Watch the interview here:

Johnny’s website with his courses and free tips is here: