Could You Be Our Next Amazing Guest?

Thanks for your interest in being interviewed on Course Builders TV – it’s really appreciated.

The goal of the interview is to share your insights on successfully building and growing an online course with our audience of aspiring and veteran course builders.

Course Builders TV is where consultants, coaches, trainers or anyone who wants to build a successful online course comes to hear real-world experience, get practical tips and be inspired by successful course builders and experts.

Each interview is pre-recorded and then released on the Course Builders Hub website where it’s promoted for at least a week before the next interview goes up. We also promote each of the interviews in rotation on an ongoing basis.

I’ll agree the questions with you beforehand, but for someone who’s built their own successful course the questions usually cover what your course is about, why you created it, how you built it and the tools you used, how you market in, your biggest challenges and how you overcame them, and your one best tip for aspiring course builders today to help them succeed.

For someone who’s an expert in a specific aspect of building courses, the questions will naturally be about that specialist topic.

You can suggest additional questions you think might yield useful answers and, of course, depending on your answers we may dive into specific areas that come up in the interview.

There’ll be an opportunity for you to review the interview before we release it to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Your interview will be a great help to professionals around the world looking to build their own course. And our goal is to show you in the best light and to provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise and knowledge to a broad audience. Each episode will have links to your website, course and any other resources you’d like us to include.

If you’re ready to get started, just book a slot for our interview on my calendar below. I’ll then get in touch by email to finalise the details.

See you on the call!

Ian Brodie