Case Study: Julia Chanteray – Productise Your Expertise

Julia Chanteray

Julia specialises in helping people who are experts in what they do to build products based business, rather than selling their time.

Julia’s flagship online course is Productise Your Expertise, a 6-month programme which supports members to develop an ecosystem of products that all work together and to get them in front of clients who want to buy them.

In this interview we cover:

  • A vital mindset switch that helps you transition from bespoke, time based work to creating more standardised products (like online courses).
  • The importance of creating a course on a topic that you’re interested in as well as being valuable to clients.
  • How Julia uses a Slack group to provide high levels of interaction and responsiveness to her course customers while giving her and her team more flexibility and freedom with their time.
  • How to use a kick-off call at the start of a course to build community fast.
  • How Julia pre-sold her course to force her to get over her fear of doing video – and to ensure there was real demand for the course.
  • Adding a little bit of fun to your course to add to engagement for participants.
  • How to leverage existing buyers to pre-sell a new course.
  • Why you don’t need complex funnels and marketing for a high value course – and how sometimes traditional offline approaches work best.

You can find out more about Julia and the Productise You Expertise course at Julian’s new website here:

Or just google “productise your expertise”