Case Study: Linda Claire Puig – Your Audience, YOUR Way

Linda Claire Puig

Linda has spent 20 years helping small business owners attract just the right audience in a way that’s just right for THEM, and then build a lasting, profitable relationship with that audience. She’s the best-selling author of two books on the topic and leads the “Your Audience, YOUR Way” training program.

In this interview we cover:

  • Why finding the perfect course topic is a process of evolution – and how your first version of the course should always involve a lot of listening and adapting.
  • The big mistake everyone makes with their first course.
  • Why you must design your course with your head as well as your heart – or run the risk of overwhelming your customers and doing them a disservice.
  • How Linda uses a survey at the start of her courses to understand where her individual customers are and how she can best support them.
  • The importance of providing live support to your students to ensure all of them can complete the course – not just the small percentage who are self-motivated and can complete it on their own.
  • Linda’s “Get it Done Days” approach – and how it helps students keep on track and get over the big production or research humps that might hold them back.
  • Why Linda includes an additional 8 months of coaching for her students after her course has “officially” ended.
  • How any launch depends on developing a deep relationship with your audience fast – and the tools Linda uses to do that for her launch.
  • Linda’s tips for building your audience.

Watch the interview here:

The Audience-Attraction Archetype quiz is at (my archetype is the Journalist by the way, which makes sense really!)

The Your Audience YOUR Way BootCamp is here: (the BootCamp days are the 25th, 27th and 29th April)