Case Study: Paula Wood – Online Courses for Exam Officers

Paula Wood

Paula provides a range of training and support services to exam officers and staff in the UK and around the world.

She has a series of online courses for Exam Officers ranging from an induction program for new officers, through to access and invigilation programs.

In this interview we cover:

  • The benefits online courses bring both to Paula’s customers – and to her.
  • How Paula adapted her live course structure to work better online with more engagement.
  • The importance of accessibility for online courses.
  • Paula’s approach to marketing on Linkedin to get course members: the type of posts, engaging with others – and how often the impact you have on Linkedin is invisible until you ask people how they found you.
  • Paula’s recommendations for getting started with online courses.
  • A fantastic offer from Paula to speak directly with anyone to discuss courses.

You can find out more about Paula and her Exam Officer courses here:

Or connect with Paula on Linkedin here: