Thanks for Your Interest!

Thanks so much for your interest in the upcoming Course Builders Hub.

I’m really quite excited about the whole thing 🙂

I’ve developed a lot of training and reference material on creating online courses over the years. But the idea of bringing together a whole bunch of different perspectives and experiences from a diverse range of people has really got legs I think.

Ian Brodie

My experience has been that there’s rarely one single way to do things, but instead different approaches that work for different people.

And there’s always tons to learn and improve from hearing how successful people have done what you want to do – no matter what your stage of the journey is.

So the interviews with successful course builders combined with forums for discussion, support and feedback will give a lot more than a single training course or one person’s ideas ever could.

I’ll keep you in touch with progress as we move towards launch. But for now, I have a quick favour to ask.

If you’ve developed a successful course yourself or have an interesting story to tell about online courses. Or if you know someone else who has – please get in touch. I’d love to sort an interview out.

You should have an email in your inbox by now with a similar message to this one. Just hit reply to that email (or email me on and tell me the details and I’ll get straight back to you.

Thanks again

Ian Brodie