Case Study: Denise Oyston – Superfast Circle

Denise Oyston

Denise started her life as a Sales and Marketing Director in the Pharma industry. She has worked globally with the recruiting and staffing sector for the last fifteen years, delivering marketing services.

Four years ago, she launched a unique online marketing training programme that supports business owners to deliver their own marketing.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Denise and Sharon found their niche in the market by focusing on the specifics of what their clients needed and how that was different vs the the large number of more generic courses out there.
  • How their course started as a few simple videos created to help their agency clients with things they were stuck on and put on a private page on their site.
  • How “overdelivering” on courses can actually lead to overwhelm for course members and lead to inaction.
  • Why having a “curiosity mindset” can really help you remove barriers for your customers and help them get results.
  • How they added a private podcast delivery channel to fit with the way their customers consumed content.
  • The range of strategies Denise and Sharon use – including offline – to keep their course members engaged and making progress.
  • The importance of a range of communications – including informal ones – with your members to build richer relationships.
  • Why a big launch wouldn’t have worked for their “high touch” style.
  • The different funnels they use today to bring in cold prospects and nurture them.

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