Case Study: Duncan Brodie – Career Success for Accountants and Professionals

Duncan Brodie

Duncan is a coach, trainer and speaker who helps accountants and professionals be more successful in their career. He’s a former Finance Director.

Duncan has a series of free and paid online courses which help accountants and other professionals to land their next job and to be more effective in that job.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Duncan differentiates his courses from the free information available online.
  • How he built his first course on Udemy and got 36,000 participants.
  • The differences between course platforms like Udemy and having your own courses on your own site.
  • How to do market research to identify the best topics to create a course about – without it taking forever.
  • Duncan’s “results focused” method for creating courses and how it avoids overwhelming learners (and gets your course developed quicker).
  • The marketing approaches and platforms Duncan uses to reach his audience.
  • The importance of being realistic with your marketing.
  • Starting off with a short free course to test the market and build an audience for your course.

You can find out more about Duncan and his courses here:

And you can find Duncan’s Udemy course by googling “being an effective presenter” or going here: