Case Study: Jan Koch – Virtual Summit Mastery

Jan Koch

Jan is the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery. He’s a passionate Virtual Summit host and he’s been organising summits since 2015. It’s his mission in life to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of virtual events.

Jan’s flagship course is Virtual Summit Mastery which teaches business owners how to create and promote a successful virtual summit.

In this interview we cover:

  • The challenges and process of taking over and enhancing a course that someone else originally created.
  • The value of having guest experts contribute to your course – and the value of having an audience of paying course customers.
  • The importance of creating a “tide that lifts all boats” in your course community so that course members feel safe sharing their progress and asking questions.
  • The power of starting with a small group to build super-strong relationships that will pay back many times over in future with that core group contributing back to the community and supporting others.
  • How to use live feedback in the early days to rapidly improve your course ready for wider exposure.
  • Using a limited time window for course enrolment to build momentum and to allow you to maximise your impact early on.
  • How to design a virtual summit so you can easily turn it into an online course after the event.
  • Developing your course in public to build an audience before launch by using “behind the scenes” content.

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