Case Study: Julian Mather – Video Made Easy

Julian Mather

Julian Mather has seen the world through many lenses. Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting videographer for ABCTV, National Geographic and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician.

His focus now is making video easy for busy 40-60-year-olds who lead, consult, speak, train, coach so they can win more clients, get more authority and become leaders in their niche.

He has a series of online courses ranging from Business Video Essentials to his full Business Video Bootcamp and Business Video Jumpstart including live coaching.

In this interview we cover:

  • Why he focuses his courses on 40-60 year olds
  • His very first online course: Build Your Magic Show (and the mistakes he made with it)
  • Why your course should never focus on just providing information – and what it should focus on instead
  • Why you should write the sales letter for your course first – before you build it
  • How to “put yourself out there” to get the feedback you need to build a successful course
  • How to mix online courses with coaching and live experiences in your product mix
  • The importance of speed in creating videos
  • Julian’s “secret” for building a multi-camera studio for pennies
  • How to start making videos for your course: quickly and simply

You can find out more about Julian and his excellent video creation courses here:

And join his new Facebook Group: The New Video Professionals Club