Case Study: Katy Walton – Coaching for Corporates

Katy Walton

Katy is the director of Make Real Progress Ltd, a development and coaching company working with Corporate clients. She has 25 years of in-house leadership development and coaching experience, and had responsibility for buying in coaching on behalf of the companies she worked for.

She now also supports coaches who want to move away from only working with personal clients and start coaching professionally in organisations

Katy’s online course is Coaching for Corporates – a masterclass which teaches coaches how to win and work with corporate clients.

In this interview we cover:

  • Why Katy started her course with live masterclasses rather than pre-recorded video. And how it helped her to get going fast and to create a better course as a result.
  • How “pub conversations” led Katy to realise exactly what course she needed to build.
  • Why you need to focus not just on the benefits of your course, but how it fits into the bigger picture of what your buyers are trying to achieve.
  • The importance of stripping down your course so you don’t just throw everything you know into it and overwhelm people.
  • The techniques Katy uses to keep course members engaged through their live calls.
  • How Katy uses mini-masterclasses to generate demand for her course and build credibility.

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