Case Study: Lucy V Hay – Writing and Screenplay Courses

Lucy V Hay

Lucy is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy, as well as writing workshops and courses. Over the years Lucy has read over 20 thousand spec screenplays, unpublished novels and pitch materials and she’s put that experience to play in a series of courses to help writers create screenplays and novels and get their work submitted.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Lucy uses feedback from her audience to guide her courses – including the topics and content, but also the platform she runs them on.
  • How Lucy’s background in teaching taught her to focus on students’ Learning Objectives – and use that to narrow down the scope of your course to make it manageable for you and students.
  • What Lucy learned from her first courses that taught her what not to include in her later ones.
  • Why understanding how and where your students consume your course content is vital to using the right medium for them.
  • The reason Lucy repeats the key messages of the course up to 8 times in a module.
  • Why Lucy doesn’t over-edit her videos, and why making them perfect wouldn’t work for her (and maybe not for you too).
  • How Lucy uses a free course on Teachable as the core of her marketing to get large numbers of potential students signing up and warming up to her and her content.
  • The different ways Lucy uses her blog and different social media as part of an integrated marketing approach. And the social media that took Lucy by surprise when it came to generating interest in her work.
  • The best type of bonuses to use with your course launch to get the initial slots snapped up.

Watch the interview here:

Lucy’s bang2write site with free resources is at

Lucy’s Teachable store with her courses is here:

And you can find Lucy’s books on Amazon here.