Case Study: Lynn Scott – Leading With Confidence in Challenging Times

Lynn Scott

Lynn is an ICF Master Certified Coach and she’s been helping leaders and teams be more successful without working harder for the last twenty years. She founded the Effortless Leader Revolution to help leaders get the right things done and to Lead with Confidence in these challenging times and beyond.

Lynn’s course is Lead With Confidence in Challenging Times and Beyond which combines bite sized, actionable online learning, weekly small group coaching and 1-1 time to help busy leaders achieve more and inspire their teams without burning out.

In this interview we discuss:

  • How Lynn used 1-1 discussions with people who weren’t her clients to identify the biggest needs for her course – and to identify the language they used to describe their problems and challenges.
  • The feedback from her original course members that led to restructuring the course to get more engagement and action from participants.
  • Why it can be helpful to be more directive with course participants rather than just leaving them to complete the course at their own pace.
  • How Lynn’s “Effortless Business Revolution” Facebook group has been the best source of customers for her course – plus a source additional opportunities outside the course.
  • How her marketing has changed over time – and the technique that’s been a big success recently at enrolling new members.
  • Why “done is better than perfect” when it comes to your online course.

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