Case Study: Michael Heppell – Write That Book

Michael Heppell

Michael Heppell is an international speaker and best-selling author of 7 books. He has presented to over half a million people and runs several highly successful online training programmes.

Michael’s current online course is Write that Book: a masterclass teaching participants how to create a killer title for their book, build a tribe of raving fans before they publish, write their book so readers will read and successfully sell their book.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Why you must always get feedback from customers before deciding on the topic of your course (Write That Book came directly from customer feedback and Michael was completely taken by surprise that this was the topic they wanted).
  • How Michael recruited 18 “masters” to provide additional content for his course (and the one vital thing he does to set the stage for collaborations like this years in advance).
  • How getting independent and honest feedback on his course led to major improvements.
  • Why Michael needed to go beyond his current email list once he’d done two course launches – and what he did to grow his sales from there.
  • Why he (finally) gave up trying to do everything himself, learned to let go, and how it’s transformed the results he’s getting.
  • Michael’s view on the “best invention ever” for marketing – and how he used it to lower his cost per lead.
  • Why you must focus on creating the very best content you can for your course.

You can find Michael and his courses here:

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