Case Study: Rob Geraghty – Presenting Virtually

Rob Geraghty

Rob is the founder of Presenting Virtually and helps people deliver important presentations brilliantly online.

Rob’s course is Presenting Virtually which he currently sells primarily to his corporate clients as part of an overall package including group and 1-1 work with his team.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Why Rob splits his course into “micro skills” and how that fits better with the needs of his clients.
  • How bite-sized content is more “bingeable” and leads to course members learning more than they expected!
  • Why the look and feel of a course is more important for corporate clients as an important quality signal.
  • How adding an online course to your offers gives you more flexibility in the options you can offer a budget-constrained client.
  • Ideas and options for giving asynchronous feedback to course participants that can actually be more valuable than live feedback.
  • How live sessions create a focal point and help drive course members to take action and make progress. And how online tools can help this too.
  • Options for converting a course mainly sold to corporates as part of a training package to one sold standalone to individuals.
  • The key things you should consider before committing to create an online course.

You can find out more about Rob and Presenting Virtually here:

And connect with Rob on Linkedin here: