Case Study: Steve Folland – Being Freelance

Steve Folland

Steve is the freelance podcast and video creator behind the long-running Being Freelance podcast and the award-winning Doing It For The Kids podcast for freelancing parents. Being Freelance has since become a community, mastermind, book club and more – including a course showing those new to self-employment exactly how to get started.

In this interview we cover:

  • How Steve used the questions he asked new members of the Being Freelance community to know exactly what course to build and what to include in it (and what you can do if you haven’t already gathered similar data).
  • How he narrowed down all the potential content he could have included in the course to something more manageable.
  • Why editing and focusing your content on only the essentials is so important. And how you must think about how your students will consume your course content and make it achievable for them.
  • The technique he used to get his course students to make progress fast and start getting results right from the very start of the course.
  • The two types of differentiation he used to ensure his course stood out and was the first choice for potential customers.
  • Why he didn’t go down the route of big “make six figures overnight” type marketing claims and how he positions his course instead.
  • Where his initial sales came from – and the surprising role members of the Being Freelance community played in his launch.
  • How building a loyal following means he doesn’t have to have perfect marketing to sell his courses.
  • The dilemma he faced with the choice of an evergreen always open course vs a repeated launch.
  • How starting super small with your first course allows you to progress faster and get bigger results overall.

Watch the interview here:

The Being Freelance podcast is here:

And the Doing it for the Kids podcast for freelancing parents is here: