Case Study: Tony Latimer – TheCoachingApp

Tony Latimer

Tony is a Master Executive Coach, working globally with leaders in transition. A naturalised Singapore citizen of British origin, his background includes 30 years in Leadership and Sales positions in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific in Technology and Software companies.

Since first coach training in ’84 he has worked on the applications of coaching in the workplace. His coaching specialisation is coaching successful leaders through transition to higher levels, of role or success for themselves, their teams and their organisation.

Tony’s course TheCoachingApp is app based rather than being available as a website.

In this interview we cover:

  • Why Tony believes that “just in time” mobile based learning on phones and tablets can be more effective than desktop or classroom based learning.
  • How just-in-time learning via an app speeds up live coaching sessions and makes them more effective.
  • How to design course content for a mobile app (you can’t just use the same approach you would for classroom or desktop learning)
  • Why video is not always the right answer for your course format.
  • How to structure your course to fit in with the three different ways people access content.
  • Techniques for increasing engagement with your course.
  • How an app can create a useful discussion point to re-engage with ex-clients and contacts.
  • The pitfalls of tactical online marketing and bandwagons.

You can find out more about Tony and TheCoachingApp here:

Or on the app store by searching for TheCoachingApp (there’s a personal and a corporate version)